Kara + Kevin

The Andaz Costa Rica, Papagayo Peninsula

Kara & Kevin’s wedding was an absolute adventure. Tears and laughs could be heard throughout the resort. The open air wedding ceremony welcomed the sunset just off the Peninsula coast. And a sudden rain storm showered the dance floor as they danced the night away. Unforgettable and captivating.

Ellize + Andrés

Pacific Star Winery, Fort Bragg / Mendecino, California

Ellize & Andres’ love story is one of perseverance through 10+ years and across thousands of miles. The northern California coast cliffside was the backdrop to their breathtaking wedding. Although originally set in Argentina, their California sunset wedding was the one they were meant to have.

Aya + Mino

Cielo Farms, Malibu

They didn’t know it but their worlds had been intertwined for years. Their fathers both worked for the video game company Square Enix – Mino’s father was the head of marketing to bring Final Fantasy to the U.S. market and Aya’s father was the literal creator of the franchise. It’s a story of destiny, love, laughs, dancing, and making fantasy into reality.

Marilyn + Ruben

Oceanpoint Ranch, Cambria

Marilyn and Ruben held onto their young love and embraced the adventure. From countless trips together to the simple movie theatre date nights, they shared beautiful memories that left the biggest imprints. They brought their families and close friends out along the California coast for a beautiful sunset to celebrate their love. Amidst the pandemic, their love story shares how love is an adventure and how it perseveres all things.

Ali + Dylan

Private Estate, Encinitas, California

They usually say that you don’t make the best decisions as a college student at a dive bar. Oddly enough, Dylan did when he met Ali. The distance between San Diego and Chicago couldn’t stop this love from growing and it was evident on their beautiful wedding day.

Angie + Oscar

Hummingbird Nest Ranch, Santa Susana, California

Oscar and Angie met in high school and became best friends. Their love was tested and proved true when the heartbreaks of life came their way. It’s a reminder to laugh and cherish the wild adventures together. It’s a captivating story of young and proving love.